Screen Printing Thailand can assist you in the development of your garment, clothing brand or for designs from 1 to 10+ colors. We have at our disposal talented and renowned designers and they work exclusively for us and are therefore at your service.
For any request for designs or to help you to develop your brand or to prepare your company logos, please contact us at +66-633-633-442 and make an appointment or contact us by e-mail at

Find here printed logo we got to do for customers used in convention or seminars.

T-Shirt Factory Bangkok


We are lucky and immense privileges to offer you quality services for everything from making your garments productions to sizes, colors, cut as well as fabric materials you desire to produce your brands. Everything is possible with Screen Printing Thailand and the minimum amount to start your brand with your own cut of clothes and style is only 70 pcs for example polo shirt and 150 pcs for caps.
For any precision please contact us by our quote request

T-Shirt Factory Bangkok


Screen Printing Thailand got all printing method you can imagine or use to produce your t-shirts, polo shirts, caps, hoodies and more. Please find here the list of some of the main methods used which are the most common.

T-Shirt Factory Bangkok
  • Screen Printing – Creating screens pressed up against cloth to place paint onto shirts one color per screen. Pros: cost effective, high quality, professional, durability. Cons: each color requires a separate screen, messy, need to print many shirts at once with the same design to be feasible.
  • Heat Press/INKJET/LASER Transfers – Print transparent inks using a computer onto a special piece of paper. Use heat to adhere the ink and paper onto the cloth. Pros: easy to print multi colors and complex designs, does not require different colors to be applied separately, great for small orders, easily customize different shirts. Cons: heavy feel of transfer, the cloth is the brightest part of the design: works well on white shirts, but doesn’t work on dark shirts, cracks, fades away easily. Heat Press/Plastisol Transfers
  • Vinyl Cutters – Use a machine to cut out designs on special solid color sheets of vinyl. Use heat to adhere cut vinyl to adhere vinyl to paper. Pros: high quality, durability, easily customize different shirts, great for small orders. Cons: have to separate and cut out each color independently, doesn’t work well for designs with complex patterns or designs that show a lot of background of the shirt inside the design.

  • Direct to Garment – Print inks directly onto cloth. Pros: reduces steps, patterns doesn’t have heavy feel like screen printing, great for small orders, easily customize different shirts. Cons: the cloth is the brightest part of the design: works well on white shirts. There is more of a challenge to the DTG operator to get dark prints to come out correctly, but it can be done.
  • Dye Sublimation – Dye sub is great for full color designs on white or light colored garments. It has no feel to the design but is a little trickier to master than inkjet heat transfers. Also, it tends to be a bit more expensive. You can also use this process on non textile products such as mugs, mousepads, tile, puzzles, coasters, key chains, etc. Dye sub is used only on man made fabrics like polyester (with various results on blends and pre-treated fabrics). You cannot print on 100% cotton t-shirts with dye sub.


Screen Printing Thailand offers quality embroidery at the most attractive price in Thailand.
We have for all your production projects of polo shirts, caps and other clothes that you may need the necessary availability to do the embroidery quickly and at your request.
Embroidery will remain a sure value for whatever it is to represent its company has conventions and seminars with elegance.
We will only need a few days to respond to your request and we are 100% certain that we offer the lowest price you can find in all our competitors and friends currently in place.
You can find here some sample embroidery we have made for you judge of quality of service of Screen Printing Thailand.

As Palmolive, Looks International, Lamborghini, Caterpillar and more.


At Screen Printing Thailand you can choose between a simple label for the sizes or the possibility to impose your brand or your company name in all simplicity and we offer for any orders of more than 1000 pcs the labels with your logo of companies

You can find here with us the way to brand your production of printed or embroidered garments.


If you are unsure of the quality you need or the choice of colors to personalize your garments, we invite you to make an appointment with us to be able to touch and test our quality. We offer and also pledge to provide you a sample at the beginning of the order of your clothing production before completing it fully.


Screen Printing Thailand give you the whole range of possible sending services as large and very reputable transport companies like DHL, FEDEX, EMS and many others and offers you shipping by container at a bargain price.

Free delivery in Thailand*


Screen Printing Thailand protects and packs all garments produced under plastic packaging and will be carefully deposited in cardboard for a shipment or a delivery in safety.